What Makes a Strong Residency Application?

Curious how program directors view your residency application? Research from NRMP Program Director Survey breaks down everything you need to know.


Day in the Life of a Medical Student

Curious what a day in the life of a medical student is like? Let this student take you through his day as a medical student.


How to Choose a Pre-Med Major

Not sure what the right major for a pre-med is. We’ll break it down on which pre-med majors you should consider choosing.


What Residency Is Like After Medical School

From medical student to resident - learn what life is like after medical school as a pediatrics resident, who is embracing autonomy, teaching, and...

For Educators

How Academic Librarians’ Roles are Changing

The role of the academic librarian is shifting and it’s important to highlight the need to embrace external resources in the form of technology.


Mobile Updates!

Lesson page edition! Think: auto full screen, pinch-to-zoom, mobile focus mode and more.


Study Techniques to Boost Your MCAT Score

Maximize your MCAT score with study strategies like practicing active learning, developing powerful memory techniques, and learning from practice...


How Long Is Pharmacy School?

It depends! Learn about the three main routes to a PharmD, the pros and cons of each, and what to expect in terms of prerequisites and coursework.


How to Pick Your MCAT Resources

Want the best advice on picking the best MCAT resources? We’ll walk you through the key pieces of MCAT prep. You’ll learn why full-lengths exams and...


Sketchy Named to the 2023 GSV 150

Sketchy named in the Higher Education and Workforce Learning categories for the GSV 150 2023 Edition.


How to Use Sketchy in the Clinical Years

Studying for your clinical years in med school can be difficult. Learn how Sketchy Medical has all the content to cover you on your rotations.


How to Spend your Winter Break as a Pre-Med

As a pre-med on winter break, you may be unsure what you should do to prepare for the MCAT and med school. Read on to see what you should do each...


How to Pick a Specialty as a Med Student

Choosing a medical speciality is the next step after med school. Here are many factors to consider when picking your medical speciality.


Introducing the Sketchy App

The wait is over, the Sketchy app is available for your mobile device and tablets. Unlock the easiest, most flexible way to continue your learning on...


How to Make the Most Out of Physician Shadowing

Gaining physician shadowing hours can be beneficial for your AMCAS app. Here are the steps before, during and after a physician shadowing experience.


Sketchy Spotlight: Workbooks Edition

Meet two Sketchy students who have used the Sketchy workbooks for their pre-clinical courses and their board exams.


5 First Year Medical School Studying Tips

Medical school can be a lot to handle, so for incoming students, medical school studying tips are critical to not just survive, but thrive, in your...


How Sketchy Helps You Study for USMLE Step 2

With Step 1 now pass/fail, students now see the USMLE Step 2 as the new Step 1. No matter the exam, Sketchy can help you pass the USMLE Step 1 and...


Sketchy Spotlight: A Pre-Med Memory Champion

Welcome to our Sketchy Spotlight Series, where we share stories from the Sketchy community. This week, meet Shivi Dua: Pre-med student at Barnard...


Introducing Sketchy's New Lesson Page

Now available across all Sketchy programs, experience your free upgrade: a new Symbol Explorer tab that allows you to view, find, and study our...


Sketchy Recap

Check out Sketchy's 2021-2022 end of school recap from the most watched lessons to how many quizzes were taken.


Sketchy gets Clinical

Sketchy's Clinical Essentials are here so you can excel on rotations, breeze through shelf exams, and crush STEP 2!


Introducing: PA 2.0

The biggest PA update ever is here, with double the lessons, our first release of PA quiz questions, and much, much more! It’s everything you need in...


Sketchy Spotlight: A "Sketchyfied" brain 🧠

Welcome to our Sketchy Spotlight Series, where we share stories from the Sketchy community. This week, meet Bianca Yugar: MS2 student at Rutgers New...


USMLE Step 2 CK Scoring Change 2022

Just like a colorful Easter basket, the USMLE is chock-full of surprises these days. In addition to making Step 1 pass/fail as of January, 2022, the...


Sketchy Spotlight: A Lifelong Learner

Welcome to our Sketchy Spotlight Series, where we share stories from the Sketchy community. This week, meet Brent Hill: MS2 student at Saint James...


Join Sketchy on Discord

There’s now a one-stop-shop to meet fellow healthcare students and professionals, get study tips, discuss your favorite Sketchy lessons and unlock...


Sketchy Spotlight: A "Diehard Sketchy Fan"

Welcome to our Sketchy Spotlight Series, where we share stories from the Sketchy community. This week, meet Rachana Phadke: MS3 student at Indira...


4 Female Pioneers In Women’s Health

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting female pioneers in the fight for women’s health.


Organize Your Prep With Cram Fighter

Medical school is hard. Going to class and following your syllabus might have been enough in undergrad, but it’s nearly impossible to get through med...


Meet Our Doctors

Ever wanted to interview a Sketchy doctor? Now’s your chance! In honor of National Doctor’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on our past students.


5 African American Medical Pioneers

Here are some significant achievements and contributions Black Americans have made to the practice of medicine.


Master The MCAT With Blueprint X Sketchy

With the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle, you’ll get an all access pass to Sketchy MCAT, plus study plans and analytics from Blueprint to take your MCAT...


How to Prep for the MCAT in 60 Days or Less

Wondering how to prepare for the MCAT in 60 days, or even less time? Find useful advice for studying for the MCAT when you’re in a time crunch, right...


2021 Sketchy Year In Review

Here's Sketchy's Year in Review 2021 Edition. Check out all that was done this past year!


Research In Medical School

Regardless of what type of medicine you're interested in, performing research during medical school is an immensely valuable experience.

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