New Survey Shows Sketchy Makes Better Doctors

At Sketchy, we are dedicated to transforming the way students learn.

At Sketchy, we are dedicated to transforming the way students learn. Our team of artists, storytellers, and subject matter experts work tirelessly to create the best programs possible. We rely on feedback from users like you to learn what you want, where we can improve, and how effective Sketchy really is. 


That’s where Quadrant Strategies comes in. Recently, this leading independent research firm conducted an online national survey of over 800 Sketchy users. The objective? Measure your success, so we can measure our own. 


Students agree: Sketchy works.

According to the study, a vast majority of users agree that Sketchy is the most effective tool to retain information, maximize efficiency, and have fun while studying. Outside of the classroom, users say Sketchy’s time-saving technique allows them to focus more on their own mental and physical health, ultimately creating more well-rounded doctors. 

“Seeing validation that the results of our work extends into real patient care is incredibly rewarding for our team." 

-Andrew Sugerman, President & Saud Siddiqui, Co-Founder and CEO


Key Data

  • 86% of users agree they’ll be better doctors because of Sketchy.
  • 94% of users say studying with Sketchy saves time.
  • 93% of users say Sketchy gives them a competitive advantage.
  • 98% of users would recommend Sketchy to a friend.
  • 78% of users say Sketchy improves recall speed.

Sketchy Medical users save an average of 18hr/week studying, which they use to catch up on sleep, hang out with loved ones, exercise, and explore their hobbies. 


Want to learn more? Check out our Sketchy Science page to see additional results from the survey. 


Survey Methodology

Quadrant Strategies conducted an online national survey of 801 Sketchy users 18 and older between October 14 and 17, 2021. The margin of error is +/- 3.39%. Quadrant Strategies is a leading research firm based in Washington, D.C.

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