2021 Sketchy Year In Review

Here's Sketchy's Year in Review 2021 Edition. Check out all that was done this past year!

This was a big year for Sketchy! We launched several new programs, almost tripled the size of our team, and reached more students than ever before. 

Throughout 2021, everything we did was rooted in our mission to make learning unforgettable for all. Let’s take a look at how we’ve done.

  • Launched three new programs, including MCAT, PA, and Pharmacy
  • Curriculum expansion and updates, including a new Medical program
  • Rebranded and published a new website
  • Partnered with Blueprint MCAT
  • Launched Search
  • Grew team Sketchy 

New Programs

This year, we renewed our commitment to providing the best Medical program possible, while also expanding into three other categories: MCAT, PA, and Pharmacy. Each program is developed by subject matter experts and contains the high-yield concepts students need to be successful. The programs rely on the same methodology used in Sketchy Medical, that is proven to save time, improve retention, and increase test scores. In their short tenure, they have proven to be highly effective study tools for students and professionals alike.


175+ lessons, review cards, and quizzes 

Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Systems Biology, Physical Sciences, and more

"Sketchy utilizes one of the best methods of memorization I have come across for the MCAT. I can visualize the Sketchy pictures during MCAT practice questions as if they were right in front of me. Sketchy helped me with information recall and cut down on the time I spent on questions. 10/10 Resource!" -Abdelkader A.


415+ lessons and review cards

Microbiology, Pharmacology, Systems, Surgery, and more

"Sketchy made me look forward to studying! I always recommend this resource to any visual learner like myself. I thank Sketchy for giving me the tools to be successful in passing my course like pharmacology, clinical medicine and micro, and now a few years out of school, I’m still applying the information today. There’s no way I would have gotten through PA school without Sketchy! Hands down my favorite resource in PA school!!" -Kat B. (@stethoscope.kat)


360+ lessons and review cards

Compounding & Calculations, Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Diagnosis & Management, and more

Curriculum Expansion

With the expansion into new subjects, our team also developed over 1,000 new Sketchy lessons, more than doubling our curriculum from last year. Woven into each lesson are over 50,000 symbols, both familiar and new, designed to help students retain and master key concepts. Our content team developed thousands of new review cards and quizzes to ​​hammer in those key concepts and bridge knowledge gaps. They also revisited several hundred lessons, revising 250+ in order to keep users up to date on the latest medical advancements.

Following overwhelming demand from students, we decided to combine our Preclinical and Clinical programs into a single Medical program. This offers students unlimited access to all the topics they need to prepare for their boards, clinical rotations, and everything in between. Our new combined program includes 780+ lessons covering high-yield topics across Preclinical and Clinical, plus review cards, quizzes, and monthly content updates. 

New Website

This year we launched Sketchy 2.0 with the development of the new Sketchy Universe! Our updated branding reflects Sketchy’s renewed commitment to quality, inclusivity, and user success. The new website offers students a richer, more artful visual experience, and features hundreds of videos with a diverse cast of characters and voices that reflect our users. Of course, our lessons are still backed by the same proven study methodology that students in over 200 countries and territories rely on for their success.

Partnered with Blueprint MCAT

Earlier this month, we teamed up with Blueprint MCAT to host a live webinar all about prepping for the MCAT in under 60 days. Our panel of MCAT and medical school experts, including Dr. Ryan Gray and Joel Bervell, offered tips on how to optimize your test prep. We had a great turnout, and ended the live broadcast with a giveaway of our new Sketchy x Blueprint bundle

The Sketchy x Blueprint bundle helps students create a targeted, efficient study plan using the best of Sketchy and Blueprint MCAT material. We give you all the tools you need to uncover your weaknesses, conquer your knowledge gaps, and stay on track all the way to test day. 

The bundle includes 6-month access to Sketchy MCAT, Blueprint practice exams (the MOST representative out there!), the ONLY customizable study planner tool, laser-focused analytics, AND hundreds of quizzes, flashcards, & more! It’s everything you need to master the MCAT—all in one place. 

Launched Search

Yes, it's finally here! We released our first version of lesson search. Students can now search for lessons across all courses, units, and chapters. They can even search for lessons on mobile devices, if the mood strikes. Finding lessons has never been easier! Rewatch your favorites or find new lessons you’ve not yet discovered. The Sketchy Universe is at your fingertips!

Team Sketchy is GROWING!

2021 was a year of huge growth for Sketchy! We nearly tripled the size of our team, hiring dozens of talented individuals from across the country. Everyone is united in our passion to help students succeed and our commitment to the Sketchy Principles

If you’re interested in joining team Sketchy, we want to hear from you! We are hiring across a wide variety of roles. Head over to our new careers page to learn more!

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