5 First Year Medical School Studying Tips

Medical school can be a lot to handle, so for incoming students, medical school studying tips are critical to not just survive, but thrive, in your...


Sketchy gets Clinical

Sketchy's Clinical Essentials are here so you can excel on rotations, breeze through shelf exams, and crush STEP 2!


USMLE Step 2 CK Scoring Change 2022

Just like a colorful Easter basket, the USMLE is chock-full of surprises these days. In addition to making Step 1 pass/fail as of January, 2022, the...


Organize Your Prep With Cram Fighter

Medical school is hard. Going to class and following your syllabus might have been enough in undergrad, but it’s nearly impossible to get through med...


Research In Medical School

Regardless of what type of medicine you're interested in, performing research during medical school is an immensely valuable experience.

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