Sketchy gets Clinical

Sketchy's Clinical Essentials are here so you can excel on rotations, breeze through shelf exams, and crush STEP 2!

Did you know that Sketchy has a whole set of Clinical lessons for third and fourth year med students? We want to help you master the basic rotations—Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, and Pediatrics—so you can excel on rotations, breeze through shelf exams, and crush STEP 2!

I’m Dr. Lauren Fisher, Director of Clinical Content for Sketchy, letting you know about some big changes happening in Sketchy Clinical.

Your Feedback

Yes, we actually read what you write to us! Your survey responses are unanimous: you want shorter lessons, and we agree! So, in Clinical 2.0 we’re doing major revision work on our lesson offerings, creating shorter, more segmented lessons that easily fit into your rotations and study schedule. We’ve also had several requests for “what is the next best step in diagnosis or treatment” so we’re rolling out some algorithms and tips from docs who can help explain how they work up a problem in real life.‍


Our New Approach

While we definitely want to make our lessons shorter, we still need to make sure you have the high yield content you need to succeed on boards!  We don’t want to just randomly erase details that you may need, or cut corners and put out content that’s too basic.  So we have a dual approach:‍

We’ve merged our preclinical and clinical content into one subscription, which allows you to continue to access the basic science and pathophys content that Sketchy is known for. Then, we can continue to build on this underlying foundation once you transition to the clinical environment.‍

We’re segmenting our lessons into bite size chunks. For example, in our Acute Renal Failure content, we’ve separated out pre-, intra-, and post-renal AKI, as well as indications for dialysis. So if you feel confident on AKI but want to refresh your knowledge of why a patient might need dialysis, we got you!


Clinical Essentials

We know you look forward to finishing up preclinical, crushing Step 1, and moving on to your clinical rotations, and Sketchy is here for you. To help with that boards-to-wards transition, we’ve just launched our Clinical Essentials collection!  Clinical Essentials is a curated selection of bite-sized, high-yield lessons (39, to be precise). Consider it a warmup for the clinical arena.

We have lots of great content you can apply on your very first day—head back to the middle ages in our “Chest Pain Assessment and Plan” lesson that will teach you how to work up a patient complaining of chest pain, or hang out with Ray Moose and his furry friends in “ECG Introduction”, a quick review of how to read an ECG—Sketchy style! Our goal is to leave you feeling confident and ready to take on this important next step in your training.

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