Mobile Updates!

Lesson page edition! Think: auto full screen, pinch-to-zoom, mobile focus mode and more.

Hey mobile or tablet Sketchy users - we heard you! We’re excited to launch a collection of small but mighty changes to the mobile lesson page experience to make your studying on-the-go easier.



1. Pinch-to-Zoom Review Cards!

Need to focus on a particular symbol? Just pinch in or out with two fingers to navigate to wherever your heart desires.



2. Focus Mode now available on mobile

Remove all distractions and get deep into the study zone, now available on-the-go! Get an enlarged view with toggle-able symbols to immerse yourself in our review cards.

focus mode mobile


3. Auto Full-Screen

When rotating your mobile or tablet device to horizontal orientation, the Sketchy lesson and review card will automatically go full-screen so you can 100% focus on the lesson at hand.


3. Cleaner mobile design

We got rid of negative spaces so you can focus on the lesson and symbols. 

mobile design-2


Check out any lesson in your Sketchy account to experience these new updates today!

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