5 Reasons Why Pharmacy Students Choose Sketchy

Sketchy Pharmacy is the perfect companion for any pharmacy student to manage their busy study schedule and make studying more fun in pharmacy school.

Not going to lie, pharmacy students have a lot to manage from their courses and exams, to figuring out how to study and actually studying. Pharmacy school involves learning so much minutiae. Drug names, classes, mechanisms of action, contraindications, interactions, side effect profiles, whew! There is just so much to learn in the next three to four years as a pharmacy student, the good news — Sketchy is here to help you learn and memorize as well as save you plenty of time as a pharmacy student!


Learning in Pharmacy School

Pharmacy school involves memorizing: So. Many. Facts. Think about what techniques you have used in the past for memorizing vast amounts of content. What has worked, and what has not? If this is the first time you are hearing about Sketchy, lean in because Sketchy provides a secret advantage that is scientifically proven. Sketchy uses elaborative encoding and visual learning based off of an ancient Greek technique called the “Method of Loci” to create a memory technique to help recall information more easily and quickly. This is the same technique utilized by memory athletes who pull off amazing feats like memorizing entire decks of cards and strings of random numbers. Rather than having to research on your own how to utilize this method, Sketchy works with artists, pharmacists and scientists to provide visual mnemonic devices set in richly crafted memory palaces. This way you can close your eyes and literally visualize the connections between symbols and concepts to quickly come up with the correct answer on exams and rotations. Sound pretty great? Take a look below for the top 5 reasons why Sketchy is the perfect memory resource for pharmacy students.


1. Cartoons for Pharmacy Students

Our sketches make learning fun for all pharmacy students. The videos are engaging, animated lessons that we place in a memorable setting where we symbolize the key details that need to be memorized on a given topic. With visual memory techniques and auditory encoding, our videos take you on a journey that will help you remember those key details on test day and beyond. These are cartoons with characters you’ll be rooting for and plenty of humor…seriously. Pharmacy students can also turn on closed captioning for the option to read while listening to the narration, providing an additional opportunity for reinforcement as well as support for those with diverse learning needs.


2. Repetition with Sketchy Review Cards

The sneaky geniuses that create Sketchy sketches also create Sketchy Review Cards. These are interactive images paired with each video and offer pharmacy students the ability to click through all the different symbols and study each visual association at their own speed. Pharmacy students can choose to turn the symbol cues on or off to self-assess recall as well. This strategic spaced repetition helps to consolidate symbols and concepts into long term memory.


3. Quiz Yourself

Speaking of long term memory, while cramming right before the test can help to remember in the short term, we also have to make sure all our Sketchy symbols are super sticky and make their way into the depths of long term memory. So as the final step—after watching the videos and using the review cards for spaced repetition—Sketchy has carefully crafted quiz questions for pharmacy students to test their knowledge. Our question bank links directly to the symbols from the video lessons so that students can quickly refresh their memory on the key details, reviewing what they got correct and more importantly, what they got wrong! Pharmacy students report that the quiz question feature is the finishing touch in ensuring that the content really is unforgettable!


4. Bite-Sized Content

Rather than tackling one huge block of content in a single sitting, studying topics in smaller segments can make learning a whole lot more manageable. Our Sketchy Pharmacy content is perfectly segmented so that you can tackle exactly what you want to review in a single setting—the ideal companion to that morning cup of coffee. Have ten minutes between lectures? Listen to a quick video. Long day of studying? Take a break from that stack of textbooks and enjoy the Sketchy Method. Watched all the videos, take a look at the review cards on any device. Our product interface is easy to use, and tracks your progress across lessons so that you can easily pick up exactly where you left off.


5. Make a Schedule

Our most successful pharmacy students report that making an overall schedule is a life saver. So look over your syllabus and class schedule, and decide what you need to cover each week. Include in your plan which resources you will use. Sketchy lessons are organized into categories and clearly marked with the drugs included in each lesson. We also have a search function, so you can easily align the content you want to cover with the corresponding Sketch. Once you have your schedule, stick to it. It makes life more organized when you’re able to plan ahead and spend less time figuring out what you’re supposed to be studying and actually just studying.

So there you have it—the best reasons to use Sketchy as your #1 study aid in pharmacy school. We have helped thousands of pharmacy students over the years and have perfected the Sketchy system in order to help you crush your exams and the NAPLEX with ease!

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