Introducing the Sketchy App

The wait is over, the Sketchy app is available for your mobile device and tablets. Unlock the easiest, most flexible way to continue your learning on the go.

The wait is over! By popular demand, we’ve created the Sketchy app, a mobile Sketchy experience you can take on the go with you—no matter if you’re walking to class, at the gym, feeling guilty about not being at the gym, on rotations, or in need of some bedtime adventures. Speaking of bedtime, if you need some help falling asleep we’ve got 600 words for you below about an app you already know how to use. But really, read on for more on the features and benefits, along with how to get started right now.

Or, go to on your phone or tablet and login to download now!


Study Sketchy on the go

As…people, we know nobody has time to sit down at a desk with a laptop and study 24 hours, 7 days a week. But one way to maximize study time is to take advantage of daily tasks that require little to no brainpower, like commuting, chores, workouts, performing orthopedic surgery,* breaks, etc. With the Sketchy app, you can convert all that mindlessness into extra brain training—it’s like wearing those shoes with the round bottoms that give you awesome calves just by walking around.

  • Walking to class & can’t remember that one symbol? Pull your phone out of your back pocket and use our search bar. You’ve got your answer in just a few taps. And uh… watch your step.
  • Eating lunch? You’re already looking at your phone anyway, so flip through Symbol Explorer to reinforce our hilarious lessons. Soon, you’ll look forward to eating alone!
  • Got 15 minutes to spare on your rotation breaks? Swipe open your phone and start a Sketchy quiz to test your knowledge. It’s not gunning if it’s fun™!
  • Working out? Pop in your headphones and watch a Sketchy lesson! Strong body, strong mind. Throw on some of those rocker-bottom shoes while you’re at it. Your calves are gonna look amazing!

Frame 1-1

We made this app because we know you’re a busy student and you’re looking for the most efficient ways to maximize your time. And because you won’t stop emailing us asking for an app! So, you’re welcome. Anyway, whatever you’re doing, this app fits your life and schedule.


An optimized mobile experience

With the new Sketchy app, your login and video progress is saved so you can pick up right where you left off. No more hunting for Sketchy amongst your concerningly large number of tabs!

Plus, key Sketchy features you love on desktop like watching videos, Symbol Explorer, and quizzes are all optimized for mobile so you can learn on the go with ease. The best part? Any new upgrades or study tools we launch will automatically be added to your Sketchy app. No need to download version updates!


Ok I’m sold. How do I download?!

Depending on the type of device you’re using, there are two different ways to access. Either way, you’ll want to open up your mobile internet browser and head to and login, where you’ll be prompted to try out our new app.

From there for iOS users, you’ll want to tap the share share button icon, tap Add to Home Screen, and then the add button in the top right.


For Android users when you login, it will prompt you with the pop-window to download and once selected, it will download and add to your home screen.


Once you’ve downloaded, you can close your mobile browser and not have to worry about closing out of Sketchy.

If you’re still having trouble installing on your device, check out our support page for detailed installation instructions and FAQs. We can’t wait for you to try it, so what are you waiting for?

Head to and login to download the Sketchy app now!

*Joke! Mockery is the truest form of flattery, or something.


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