Master The MCAT With Blueprint X Sketchy

With the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle, you’ll get an all access pass to Sketchy MCAT, plus study plans and analytics from Blueprint to take your MCAT score to the next level.

Overwhelmed by MCAT content and need a targeted, efficient study plan? We teamed up with Blueprint, the leader in MCAT test prep, to create the ultimate resource for mastering your exam. With the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle, you’ll get an all access pass to Sketchy MCAT, plus tools and analytics from Blueprint to take your score to the next level.

How it works

Increase your speed, retention, and recall with Blueprint X Sketchy.

1) Make a plan


Use Blueprint’s one-of-a-kind study planner tool to create a custom plan tailored to your needs and timeline. Organize your prep and stay on track while you navigate each practice exam, review, and Sketchy lesson.

‍2) Test your knowledge

Test your content knowledge with Blueprint’s MCAT Practice Exams. Get access to representative passages, Q&As, and an interface that mimics the challenges you’ll face on the official MCAT.

3) Uncover your weaknesses

Receive detailed analytics reports to pinpoint your areas of improvement. Progress faster with data that helps you identify weaknesses by section, subject, AAMC reasoning skill, and question type.


4) Target your knowledge gaps

With Sketchy’s 200+ MCAT lessons written and verified by experts, you can fill in content gaps, increase memory retention, and improve recall speed with ease. 


All Bundles Include:

  • 6-month access to Blueprint X Sketchy

  • Blueprint Full-Length Practice Exams
    • Most representative MCAT practice exams (after the AAMC)
    • Choose between 4, 6, and 10 exams (5 attempts per exam!)
  • Sketchy lessons 
    • 200+ MCAT visual lessons covering high-yield topics
    • Research-proven to increase retention and recall speed 

  • Analytics Reports
    • In-depth analytics identify weaknesses & help create a plan of action 
    • Learn how to focus your prep and improve faster

  • Study Planner 
    • Personalized calendar and study plan to keep you on track to test day 
    • Receive suggested Blueprint and Sketchy content 

  • Added features 
    • 175+ Sketchy quiz questions to test your knowledge 
    • 1600+ Blueprint MCAT mobile-friendly flashcards
    • 200+ Sketchy illustrated review cards to help with retention

Is it right for you? 

For the MCAT student who wants to get an edge. 

  • Do you have a scheduled MCAT exam, or plan to schedule it in the coming months?
  • Have you already done some content review but need a plan to target your weak areas?
  • Have you hit a score plateau and need help breaking through?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle is for you!


Get Started

To learn more about this exclusive offer, click here. Already purchased Sketchy MCAT? You can upgrade to the bundle at any time!


  1. Who is Blueprint?
    Blueprint is a game-changing leader in MCAT prep with options ranging from full courses that are proven to help students raise their score by 13 points, on average, to practice exams famous for being representative of the real thing—second only to the official AAMC.

  2. Can current Sketchy students access this bundle? 
    Current Sketchy students can easily upgrade* their subscription to access this exclusive offer! On top of your Sketchy subscription, you’ll get access to Blueprint practice exams (the MOST representative out there!), the ONLY customizable study planner tool, laser-focused analytics, hundreds of flashcards, & more! It’s everything you need to master the MCAT—all in one place. 

    *Upgrading will give you immediate access to the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle. Your current subscription will continue once the bundle has expired. 

  3. How can I access the Blueprint X Sketchy webinar? 
    Earlier this month, we teamed up with Blueprint MCAT to host a live webinar all about prepping for the MCAT in under 60 days. Our panel of MCAT and medical school experts, including Dr. Ryan Gray and Joel Bervell, offered tips on how to optimize your test prep. We had a great turnout, and ended the live broadcast with a giveaway of our new Blueprint X Sketchy bundle!

    Didn’t get a chance to attend? You can watch a live recording of the event here.

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